COVID-19 Vaccine in India, Could India become corona vaccine hub for the world?

COVID-19 Vaccine in India, Could India become corona vaccine hub for the world?

COVID-19 Vaccine status in India

Covid-19 vaccine trials are progressing at whirlwind speed in World. There are more than 160 vaccine candidates in different stages of clinical trials and five of them have already reached the critical last phase human trials. Russia officially declared their covid-19 vaccine 'Sputnik V' early August and will be publically available by end of the year. Seven Indian pharma companies are working to develop a vaccine against corona virus. Indian government is also looking towards the progress of 'Sputnik V'. In India also the vaccine trials are at crucial stage and at lightning speed. Corona virus vaccine is likely to hit the Indian market by early 2021. Oxford vaccine developed by Serum Institute of India is already in Phase III trial in Maharashtra and some other states and progressing with great success. There are three corona virus vaccines in India in different phases including Covaxin by Bharat Biotech, which is India's first indigenous vaccine against the novel corona virus. Covaxin is in second phase of trials while there are two other vaccines, AZ/Oxford's viral vector vaccine and Novavax's protein vaccine in crucial third phase in India. In India vaccine is expected to e publically available in early 2021, the vaccine could be available at ₹225 to ₹550 per dose in India. Serum Institute of India is currently at a best position to deliver the first vaccine. Phase I and Phase II of oxford vaccine is seems to be promising in terms of immune response and safety. Serum Institute of India (SII) is best positioned to deliver the first vaccine and SII had collaborated with Oxford and Novavax for the commercial production of the vaccine. In India the drug regulatory recognized the risk-based categorization of the public and helps design the Phase 3 trial in which vulnerable people and healthcare workers are preferentially given an opportunity to register themselves as volunteers.

Who will get Covid-19 vaccine shots in India first?

Who will get covid-19 vaccine shots in India first?

As the covid-19 cases in India are rising exponentially, India is racing hard to make the vaccine success and make it available to Indians as soon as possible at affordable cost. According to the reports the vaccine will be available in India less than 500 rupees. Government of India is making priority list of the people or community who will get vaccine shots in India first. Center has planned to conduct a nationwide seroprevalence study. Expert from the panel felt the need of seroprevalence study to exempt the people who had already developed antibodies against covid-19 vaccine. Importance of seroprevalence study analysis the list of people whom should be vaccinated first and the list of people who already have antibodies against the covid-19 vaccine. COvid-19 seroprevalence survey checks the sample of person’s blood and look for antibodies against Covid-19. Usually antibodies seem to be detectable after 1-3 weeks of covid-19 attack but for some people it may take more than 3 weeks. The government of India is planning on immunize the front line workers, army personnel and certain categories first. Russia also took the similar approach with health workers and teachers in the front line.

Could India become corona vaccine hub for the world?

Could India become corona vaccine hub for the world

India is one of the largest manufacturers of generic drugs and vaccines in the world.  India have half a dozen of vaccine makers worked on stopping dengue, enteric diseases, influenza and TB in their tracks. There are half dozens of Indian firms working on covid-19 vaccine, Serum Institute world’s largest vaccine marker is one of them.  India has also come out as a key mass vaccine manufacturer in recent times and already produces 60 percent of the world's vaccines. In other words it can be said that out of 3 vaccines doses injected in the world one is from India. Whole world believes that India has the potential to play a key role in overcoming vaccine nationalism. India has large capacity to produce covid-19 vaccines. Serum Institute of India has already started manufacturing the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine candidate before clinical trials have even been completed. Also Indian pharmacy company, Biological E, has agreed to manufacture the vaccine candidate of Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV. Hyderabad-based firm has announced its acquisition of Akorn India to fuel the race.  According to some reports discussions are going about partnering Russian agencies to make the Sputnik V vaccine for Covid-19 although we already have our existing collaborations (Oxford-AstraZeneca and Novavax). The major reason behind India to become the vaccine hub for the world is due to massive manufacturing capacity. Serum Institute sold almost 1.5 billion vaccines last year. It is already prepared for an additional 300-400 million doses for the Oxford-AstraZeneca candidate by end of the year.

India is also geared up to produce its own vaccine, the Serum Institute, Aurobindo Pharma, Bharat Biotech, BE, Indian Immunologicals, Mynvax, Panacea Biotech and Zydus Cadila are all attempting to develop their own vaccines. The promising results of the trials shows that by the end of 2020 or by early 2021 vaccines  will be available in India at affordable price.


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