Ellora Caves Mystery - Was it built by Alien technology?

Mysteries about Ellora cave and the alien relation was in discussion for decades and still an unsolved question for the world. There are many unanswered questions behind the Ellora cave which strongly raise the thought of alien relation or alien technology behind the temple construction. There is speculation about its structure - thousands of years ago using only chisels and hammers could not do this job. There was foreign technology behind this tricky structure.

Ellora Caves Mystery - Was it built by Alien technology
Ellora Caves Mystery 

We are still searching for life on planets other than Earth but from time to time we hear theories about aliens and their existence there. Archaeologists studying ancient sculptures strongly believe that some famous structures, such as the Egyptian pyramids, were built with the help of ancient aliens. There is clear evidence given by archaeologists and other scholars to prove that the famous Indian temple, the Kailash Temple located in the Ellora Cave, was built by ancient aliens.

Why are Ellora caves so famous?

Hold your breath as you read this passage, as it completely shatters what history has taught you about the Kailash Temple of the Ellora Caves. Archaeologists say that only one rock was carved on a large scale to build this huge, sophisticated structure. The strange thing about the Kailash Temple is that this flat was built in 18 years, in 756-774 AD, in the absence of technological progress, which must have been ideal for centuries to build at that time.

Why are Ellora caves so famous

The temple actually stood the test of time through occupations and wars. You can also see this temple from a plane and it is the only structure that can be seen from all corners of Ellora. Many rulers tried to rebuild the temple but were unable to do so. Structure Emperor Aurangzeb wanted to erase the existence of this structure and therefore entrusted the task to more than 1000 men. He worked day and night for three years, but could not bring down this temple except by tearing down some idols.

It is known that over 4000 tons of stone was carved out of a single stone to carve this temple, which seems completely impossible even when working for thousands of sculptors’ day and night for 18 years. The number of occupations and wars in the society of that time cannot be ignored either. Despite such a large and important structure, there are no historical records about this building. The Kailash Temple is complete with intricate passages, sophisticated drainage systems, connecting bridges and intricate designs, all built of a single stone.

The Ellora Caves, locally known as Ora Verul. Ellora is an archaeological site 29 km (18 miles) northwest of the city in Maharashtra, India, built by the Kalachuri, Chalukya and Rashtrakuta dynasties in the 6th and 9th centuries. 34 "Caves" are actually structures emanating from the vertical face of the Charanandri hills.

There are caves for Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions. 17 Hindu (caves 13-29), 12 Buddhist (caves 1–12) and 5 Jain (caves 30–34) caves were built nearby. The Ellora Caves were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

Buddhist caves in Ellora
Buddhist caves in Ellora

From Cave Number 12 to Cave Number 12 there is a group of Buddhist caves in Ellora. These are mostly monasteries and chaityas. Cave no. 10 Most important, there is the Chaitya Hall and the statue of Buddha.

Caves from 13 to 29 are Hindu caves in Ellora, which are located in the middle of the complex.  Cave 15 has ten sculptures depicting the ten incarnations of Vishnu. Cave 16 is the most impressive and important.  Cave number 30 to Cave number 34 are mainly Jain caves.

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Why Do Archaeologists Believe the story of aliens?

Why Do Archaeologists Believe the story of aliens

There are many reasons why archaeologists believe so, the construction was a complete mystery and archaeologists are still searching for the answers. They still believed that this is impossible for humans to construct such a temple in that time span.

Unlike many temples built on the ground, the Kailash Temple is carved directly from the top to the bottom of a rock. The Kailas Temple is completed by incorporating intricate passages, sophisticated drainage systems, bridges and intricate designs carved from a single rock, which would be very impossible for humans to do without the help of advanced technology.

Nowhere is it mentioned where the carved ruins were disposed of. A temple of this size certainly left a lot of ruins. No ruins were found anywhere near the temple. Some say it was used to make another structure, but no evidence has been found for any structure built from the same stone.

The temple is 98 feet high, 109 feet wide and 164 feet deep. It is one of the largest known structures of its kind on the planet. The entrance to the temple is on the west side. What is remarkable about the entrance is the degree of accuracy of its face, which gives 270–275 degrees on the compass.

Carvings in Ellora Caves wall

It is reported that over 400,000 tons of stone was taken from a single stone to carve this temple, which seems completely impossible even when working for thousands of sculptor’s day and night for 18 years. Modern civil engineers say that with modern technology it is impossible to build a single temple in modern times in just 18 years.

The Mughal king Aurangzeb wanted to destroy this structure. He handed over a team of 1000 men. Despite working day and night for three years, the team was unable to destroy it. They were only able to demolish a few statues.

It is the only structure visible by helicopter in 32 caves in Ellora.

Kailash temple in Ellora, Maharashtra is a greatest tourist attraction for tourists over the world. Once this covid-19 ends and we all are back to our normal life, you all should take some time of your life to see this wonderful creation. We Indian’s are lucky that we have many such awesome sculpture across India. India may be economically poor but considering the culture, heritage and our values we Indians are rich. 

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