Value of Indian culture -What does our Indian culture Value expect from us even in hard circumstance?

Indian culture -What does our Indian culture Value expect from us even in hard circumstance?

India is well known for its unity in diversity. India has its own diversity in culture, language, climate, food, seasons, geographic regions, religious traditions and what not, no other country will have these much of diversities. From Indira Col (North most point) to Indira Point (South most point) and from Kibithu (East most point) to Guhar Moti (West most point) India has its own wide varieties of indigenous culture. In recognition of this large demographic diversity there are some common themes and principles that contribute to the values, attitudes and beliefs. India is a home of diversity where these believes or rituals or customs are our Indian culture which controls the day today life of majority of Indians. Indian culture are compared to or equated to Indian civilizations. It is believed that the ethnic values, technologies, mathematics, political science, traditions and believes are originated from Indian culture. India is one of the few countries where the historic roots are too deep and where historic values or believes are followed in this 21st century too. Indian traditional dance, songs and all other art forms have their own dignity and space and even the whole world is admired with Indian art forms, millions of foreigners visit India to learn Indian culture and take a part of that with them. Majority of people in India follow Hindu religion but India is not a Hindu nation, India is a pluralistic and multi-cultural society where many faiths and belief systems regulate the life of individuals. We have Buddhism, Sikhism, Sufi tradition, Islam and Christianity and these regions have great influence on Indian culture. Indian culture is the identity of India and every Indian.

Value of Indian Culture

Tyaga, Dana, Nishtha, Satya, Ahimsa, aadhr, Karma and Upeksha are the pillars of Indian culture, these are the values which Indian culture thought all Indians, these cultures are stil followed and will be followed in future; these eight values are the identity of Indian culture. AADHR or respect is the most important Indian culture value and it is followed in everyday life from morning to night. Indian children are thought the importance of respect from a very young age to always respect their elders or adults. In India children’s never have to take any appointment to have dinner with their parents, Indians take care of their parents till their last breathe. Adults have to respect and touch feet of elders which help them to remove any ego in their mind. Indians believe in Athiti Devo Bhava, which means guests are treated as God, this is what Indian culture is. Concept of family in Indian culture is very beautiful and which is very relevant in this 21st century.

Value of Indian Culture

Tyaga or renunciation is another wonderful concept of Indian culture, it’s usually said that Indian’s have a heart to forgive everything, we always make sure to forgive for betterment. Dana or donation is inherited from Indian culture, which thought us to donate money, food, blood, land and everything. In India there is a saying “Those who have something should donate someone who have nothing”, India is a place of world’s largest kitchen donating food for millions of people for 365days in year. According to the reports 52% of Indians donate their blood which is very high that other developed countries. Dana is most favorite Indian culture value inherited from our ancestors, which is reducing hunger of millions of Indians and saving life of millions of Indians. Nishtha or dedication is the pillar of Indian development, Indian freedom struggle, Indian wars, Indian space missions and everything. Nishtha originated from Indian culture is the key to success, as you know the number of Indians as CEO in these billion dollar companies all had this nishtha or dedication. Indians are originally known for their dedications and this is the reason why all MNCs got attracted by Indians. We still follow nishtha and dedication as our mantra to success. Satya or truth is another slogan originated from Indian culture for success. Indians are thought from childhood that telling lye in sin, whatever the scenario we should always stick with the truth. Satya is also refers to a virtue in Indian religions, referring to being truthful in one's thought, speech and action. Ahimsa or non-violence is also the value we learned from Indian culture, the power of ahimsa or non-violence is known to all Indians or whole world. India got the Independence due to the non-violence movement followed by Indians. India is referred globally as the home of spirituality and a champion of non-violence. Aadhr or respect is an extremely valued component of the everyday life of people in India. In India elderly are still at the top of the totem pole and Indians learn the value and importance of respect from childhood. Upeksha which is tolerance or self control is the essential quality in a human being which we Indians got from our culture. Self control has the power to stop a war or save a life, Self-control is also known as foundation of dharma. Karma or action or deeds, Karma is the principle where actions and intent of an individual influence the future of individual. Indians deeply believe in Karma, this karma actually controls every Indian. It is believed that if your karma is good you will receive happiness and if you karma is bad something bad will happen to you. The karma was originally from ancient India Culture, but is also believed in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Taoism. These important values from India culture are the building block of all individuals and which decides the success, growth, emotions, life and death of a person. Even in this 2020 these values can never be avoided in any way and should be followed.


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Indian culture Value expect from us even in hard circumstance

Indian culture Value expect from us even in hard circumstance

In 2020 where COVID-19 is controlling the whole world and all people are suffering from the impact of covid-19, our Indian cultures have its own space and importance.  Most of the Indian cultures have some hidden science in them which unknowingly or knowingly we follow. All the major values from Indian culture ‘Tyaga, Dana, Nishtha, Satya, Ahimsa, aadhr, Karma and Upeksha’ we discussed above are unavoidable factor for every Indian, these values play very crucial role in the development of every Indian. These factors decide the faith and future and attitude of every citizen in India, these values are there in the society for years and will be there for another 1000s of years. Sven in hard circumstance we expect all Indians to follow our Indian culture and just a reminder even if you want to live without Indian culture you can’t because everything you do have some or other connection with Indian culture.

In the covid-19 situation whole world praised the Indian custom of namaskar/Namasthe to greet someone, which is the best example to greeting with social distancing which all Indians were following from years, In India there was another custom of cleaning legs and hands with 'Kindi', type of pitcher usually found in Kerala. During this lock down situation everyone came to know the importance of family, Family and its importance are very beautifully described in Indian cultures. Family is an extremely important component of Indian culture. Families are valued highly and are a part of an individual’s life until death. We also saw thousands of examples of Tyaga, Dana, Nishtha and Karma in this corona virus situation. Indian culture has seen many bad scenarios like this so Indian culture expect us to hold these cultures in any bad situation.

Indians seek harmony throughout life. Indian cultures should be followed and protected in these hard situations, India is a pluralistic and multi-cultural society where many faiths and belief systems regulate the life of individuals. In the race of money and life we usually forget our cultures, traditions and customs, now we all love western cultures, want western food and dress like western people. New generation of India have no time to think about our precious culture or customs. This hard circumstance actually gave us an opportunity to think about our Indian cultures, how our culture is different from all around the world and what is the importance of our Indian custom. This is the time we can use to know the science behind Indian cultures and customs.

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Indian customs are dying day by day due to our race behind money and life, we have no time to know the real meaning of our culture. As we discussed earlier India culture have all important values every person should have to become a successful person. India has one of the world's oldest civilizations and fabric of Indian culture is woven with customs and tradition. Our culture teaches Tyaga, Dana, Nishtha, Satya, Ahimsa, aadhr, Karma and Upeksha, which is well explained in our culture and this is the key to success. No other culture has looked at a human being with as much depth and understanding as this culture has. Other than Indian no culture has looked at it as a science and created methods to evolve a person into his ultimate nature. So in even in hard circumstance Indian culture expect us to save our valuable Indian culture and reserve it for years till the last person on the planet survive.

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