10 Best and Trusted Websites to make Money Online in 2024

Internet provides us with a bundle of opportunities to make money online, we have listed 10 best and trusted websites to make money online. In this new era of AI taking over jobs, it is the best time to think about an online income, online income is a brilliant idea. You can use the online method to earn part time income and also it can be full time income. You can sell your skills to get paid. Online money making is the best option to make decent money. There are thousands of methods to make money online; similarly there will be thousands of traps hidden on the internet.  We will introduce you to the best and most trustable online websites to make money online.

10 Best and Trusted Websites to make Money Online

Whenever you search for online jobs or methods to make online money you may have came across multiple ads showing that “earn $400 per hour by sitting at home” or “earn $100 per hour”, in reality these ads are just to attract you and also a way to boost their traffic and income and most of them may be a trap, so be very vigilant before applying for any online jobs.

Online jobs are not easy, there is a pseudo thinking in all of us that we can make money online just by doing nothing or without any skills, in reality you need very high skill to earn money online. It’s very important that you set a goal before starting an online business, you must upgrade your skills and also it is very important to start with the best and trustable method and from a trustable site. Here we introduce you with the most trusted and best websites to make online.

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This is the time where everyone is losing jobs due to AI evolution, Unemployment is increasing exponentially in these lockdown days, so it’s the best time to start earning online, since we have enough time to spend. You should spend time to earn online and also equally important to have a strong desire. Below is the list of 10 best and trusted websites to make money online, so check out the list of fast money making websites.

List of 10 Best and Trusted websites to make money online

We have picked 10 best trusted money making websites for you, check out our list. You can use these sites to get high online income with the help of your skills. You can also use some of the websites below to earn lifetime earnings.

1.   Cracked.com

2.   Fiverr.com

3.   Udemy.com

4.   Listverse.com

5.   Upwork.com

6.   YouTube.com

7.   iWriter.com

8.   skillshare.com

9.   Blogging

10.  E- Commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc

We strongly believe that this is the best time to start earning online with the best and trusted online websites. You should not have any thinking that you will become rich in a day or start earning from a single day, you may have to work hard, upgrade your skill to earn a very high amount from online.  Below is the details describing how to make money online for free.

List of 10 Best and Trusted websites to make money online

1. Cracked.com

Cracked.com is a very famous humor website which has millions of monthly traffic.  Cracked.com has funny lenticels, videos, photos etc. If you think you are good at creating humor articles and your articles can make others smile then you should definitely try this website. The appropriate way of making money from this website is by publishing your website.

The articles you submit should be of top quality, and the articles should not be copy content. They will review your article and you will get paid only after they publish your article. You can also post humor videos on cracked.com.

2. Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com is a very popular freelancer website. You can use tour skill to get paid. Fiverr.com is a place where you can not only make money using writing articles, here can get paid based on your wide variety of skills. It is the best place to market your skills and also find a best buyer based on your skills.


One thing to always keep in mind that you will not become rich in one day or your skill get paid in one single day, but it is one of the best place to get money online, there are sellers selling their task from 5$ onwards and even reports say that there people earning more than $15,000 per year.

You must first fill your profile with your skills and you can get a job or task according to your skills, it is very important to fill a profile with skills and rating also improves payment. You will find all skills like article writing, photo editing, website creation, video editing and so on. You will find a wide variety of jobs based on your skill, so upgrade your skills and find potential buyers for your skill.

You can use fivver.com as a part time earning or also a full time earning if you are willing to do freelancing. Other similar websites are  Elance.com, Freelancer.com and Peopleperhour.com.

3. Udemy.com

Udemy is a very popular website and you may know or use Udemy, it is one of the leading online learning websites. If you are good at teaching or you have teaching skills then Udemy is one of the best platforms for you.  Udemy has millions of traffic every month.

The best part of Udemy is that it allows us to register as instructors, they allow us to create courses and monetize them, we can get students for our courses and we will be paid according to the subscription or traffic to our courses.  

In short Udemy is a platform where you will get paid for teaching online, we can create courses with the beautiful tool Udemy provides and also we can reach students for these courses. By using Udemy you are transferring your skills and also earning using that.


4. Listverse.com

Listverse.com is a wonderful website with top 10 lists; here you can find the top 10 list of anything. This site provides top 10 in all categories daily major topics are mystery, humans etc.  Listverse.com has an exciting payment plan, it pays $100 for lists and $40 for picture lists but always remembers that your article should have minimum required quality to get published.

Listverse.com has certain rules and criteria in order to publish your articles, so create a top 10 list with exciting and interesting facts and do not copy your article from anywhere.  Listverse.com does the payment using Paypal. If you have good writing skills and if your article has the power to attract readers then Listverse.com is a perfect place for you.

5.  Upwork.com

Upwork is basically a global 'e-lancing' platform where freelancers or business groups connect on certain projects, if you have lost your job due to corona or you are looking for a best website to make money online then upwork.com is for you. Upwork.com is one of the real money earning websites which you can use to make quick money online and the easiest way as possible. Using upwork.com you can get paid easily for your skills, here you can find jobs like website designing, article writing, sales, marketing, or accounting etc.

Here you will find a wide variety of opportunities like article writing, website design, SEO campaigns and so  on. Upwork.com is a perfect platform to earn money with your skills, there are reports showing that you can get $30,000 from projects in Upwork.



Now it is the time of vlogging and people prefer to watch videos rather than reading. The number of youtubers and the traffic in YouTube is very high. If you have skill in vlogging then YouTube is for you. YouTube is one of the best websites to earn money online for a longer period.

The beauty of YouTube is that even if you didn’t work for a day or a period you may receive payment based on your old videos, YouTube will pay you by ADs, you can also use YouTube to gain money by selling your products or affiliated marketing and also by paid promotion.

In YouTube you don’t have to run behind SEO or backlinks, you must make some interesting videos and attract your audience. Just remember that now everyone has a YouTube channel and low quality videos are filling YouTube, so create a unique and interesting video and become trending then just get paid handful. 

7. iWriter.com

Writing online and earning online is in demand and iwriter.com is the best platform for you, using iwriter you can find a job easily and earn online. Brush up your writing skills and make your grammar clear and correct and start with the iwriter. In iwriter.com you can start writing articles on your niche, be very clear about the niche you select, select a niche which you are very confident about.

You can visit the website and register for a free account and start writing content, make sure to write very solid content of your own, the team will review your content before posting. 


If you are passionate about teaching then skillshare.com is for you, you don’t have to be a professional teacher or no need any teaching degree to be a part of skillshare. Only thing you need is the passion to teach, share your knowledge with others and get paid. In Skillshare you can get all technical and non-technical topics, if you have any knowledge you can become a trainer in skillshare. Using skillshare you can yearn $1000 plus dollars, which is far more than regular teaching jobs in many countries. Some of the popular topics in skillshare are fashion, film and cooking etc. Skillshare is similar to Udemy and has millions of organic traffic every month, so become a trainer in skillshare and start earning online.



Blogging is a wonderful way of making money online, by blogging you can earn a living and even can earn $1000s of dollars every month. There are millions of people who earn a lot using blogging and who have chosen blogging as their career. Blogging is not a fast way to earn money, but you can earn a lot and for a longer period.  If you are new to blogging, start in blogger.com for free. 

Select the niche you want to write and on which you are an expert, start writing articles and earn money from google AdSense or any other ad platforms. Write SEO friendly articles, get millions of traffics and earn 100s of dollars.

Blogging doesn't not only stand for writing articles you can even make websites with some tools like image compressions, job portals etc and you can earn money online. Other than blogger.com you can also buy an affordable hosting and start blogging from WordPress. 

10.E- Commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc

E- Commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc

Similar to blogging affiliate marketing is another method to make money online. You can do affiliate marketing with all major E-commerce companies like Flipkart, Jabong, and Amazon. If a user buys any good from your URL then you get a share of their profit. This is the best method to make huge money very quickly. Just sell goods and earn money. You can start free and earn a lot from affiliate marketing. 

Not only affiliate marketing you can also sell your goods in these e-commerce companies, you can be a seller there and earn money by finding a customer for you. You don't have to set up any shop or anything just sell online and earn very huge money. This technique is used by millions of people and they are living by this method. Kudos to these companies, because it helped millions of people to earn money only and grow their Business.

There are many other websites using which you can earn money online, but we think that these are the 10 Best and Trusted Websites to make Money Online according to our research team, we will be updating you with the list by market trends. 

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